Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Cause, Symptoms & Homeopathy

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The carpal tunnel is a narrow, tunnel-like structure in the wrist. The median nerve passes through this tunnel from forearm to hand. The median nerve controls feeling in the palm side of the thumb, index finger, and long fingers. When this carpel tunnel gets squeezed you may feel numbness, weakness, burning and tingling in the hand and fingers. That is called as carpal tunnel syndrome or CTS.
Females are effected mire commonly than males. In the UK, about three in 100 men and five in 100 women experience CTS is their lifetime.

What cause CTS?

·         When the median nerve gets presses in the carpal tunnel the symptoms start appearing. In many cases exact cause is unknown.
·         Those who have family history of CTS are more prone to carpal tunnel syndrome.
·         Injury to the wrist can cause CTS
·         Disease conditions like Diabetes mellitus, Rheumatoid arthritis, Thyroid disorders can cause this.
·         Work stress; repeated use of vibrating hand tools can be seen in some cases.
·         Fluid retention during pregnancy or menopause can also cause CTS

Symptoms of CTS

·         The symptoms start gradually and progress gradually.
·         Numbness, tingling and pain in the hands.
·         Burning and itching in the palms.
·         Some patient feels weakness in the hands and tendency to drop things from hands.
·         An electric shock like pain from hand to shoulder.
In most of the cases symptoms are worse at night. In chronic untreated cases symptoms may be seen during day time too.

How to diagnose Carpal tunnel syndrome?

A physician can make out CTS by examining your hand.
Routine blood test like CBC and FBS should be done to rule out other medical conditions.
Electrophysiological tests. Electrical testing of median nerve function is often done to help confirm the diagnosis and clarify the best treatment option in your case.
X-rays. If you have limited wrist motion, your doctor may order x-rays of your wrist.

Homeopathy for CTS

Homeopathy can cure and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. You need to consult a qualified homeopath to get your remedy for your CTS. Homeopathic medicines changes according to your symptoms.
Commonly used medicines are
Ruta 30 : It is used very frequently for CTS. Stiffness of wrist joint aggravated by cold wet weather. Bruised pain in the wrist and fingers.
Rhus tox: Inflammation in the wrist joint. General morning aggravation. Rheumatic joint diseases.
Causticum: Paralyzed feeling in the hands. Used in diseases of tendons. Contraction and indurations of tendons  
Calc phos: Stiffness in the morning. Pain in cervical region.
Hypericum : A good remedy for CTS. Neuralgic pain in the hands.
Arnica: CTS after injury. Inflamed tendons at wrist.

Exercise to prevent carpel tunnel syndrome

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