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Morning sickness and emesis gravidarum are the other names for it. Nausea and vomiting can be one of the first signs of pregnancy and usually begins around the 6th week of pregnancy. It can occur at any time of the day, and for most women it seems to stop around the 12th week of pregnancy.
 I have seen in some weak women with nausea and vomiting till the last trimester of pregnancy without any harmful effect to the baby.

"Nausea and vomiting are the commonest symptoms experienced in the first trimester of pregnancy, affecting 70-85% of women"

There is nothing to be worried about this vomiting at all till it turns in to Hyperemesis gravidarum which is a severe form of it where the patient should be hospitalized.

Why do pregnant women suffer from nausea and vomiting?

The exact cause for this is not known. Some doctors believe it as due to imbalance in blood glucose level.
Many midwives and doctors believe that morning sickness is more common in women carrying twins or triplets
Family history of hyperemesis gravidarum is seen in some cases.
Sudden increase in estrogen and hCG (a pregnancy hormone) can be another cause for this as nausea and vomiting ceases when these hormones decrease.

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Will this vomiting affect my baby?

          Obviously it will not affect your baby at all. It is a normal symptom of pregnancy. You should replace the water and energy that you lost by vomiting by eating fruits and small snacks. If it becomes severe and exhausting, the women should get hospitalized. I have seen some ladies who have been vomiting till the last month of their pregnancy and they have given birth to healthy babies weighing more than 3 Kg.

How can I prevent or reduce these symptoms?

·         Take your own time when you get up. Don’t get up quickly from bed.
·         Eat something small when you go to sleep.
·         Reduce stress and anxiety.
·         Enjoy light music and sit calm.
·         Eat some Dry snacks when you get up from bed.
·         Eat small meals at frequent intervals.
·         Make sure that you take plenty of water regularly.
·         Avoid caffeine.
·         Some women find ginger tea helps a lot.
·         Give some physical rest after eating. Sit upright position for a little time after food.
·         Fresh open air can help to reduce the symptoms
·         Avoid triggering factors like Bad smell, Spicy Food, sudden movements, fatty food and very hot food.

Homeopathy for vomiting in pregnancy

There are many good medicines in homeopathy which will help you to reduce your vomiting in pregnancy. Some particular desires and aversion to food can determine your remedy. You should avoid those triggering factors along with homeopathic medicines. As I have explained, it is a normal physiological symptom of pregnancy as you don’t need a medication for it. When the symptoms disturb your daily activities, you will need a medical attention on it.  I am giving some important homeopathic medicines here for vomiting in pregnancy which should be taken on your homeopaths advice.

Horrible nausea that is worse from the sight and smell of food (especially eggs or fish) often indicates this remedy. The woman retches and vomits, and has a sore and bloated feeling in the abdomen. She has trouble eating anything — although she often craves things, when she tries to eat them they make her sick. She is likely to feel ill from many smells that others don’t even notice.

Argentum Nitricum:
It is indicated when there is very considerable flatulence accompanying the nausea and vomiting. There is frequently a craving for sugar and sweet foods, and a panicky nervousness is characteristic. All forms of heat are abhorrent and cool fresh air is sought.
Any movement triggers the nausea, even rolling over in bed. The lips are dry, the mouth is dry, there is a lot of thirst, but she is afraid of the movement that it will take to get a drink. She has the typical “bearlike” foul mood of the Bryonia type. This woman wants to be left alone in quiet.

Carbolic Acid:
Vomiting of pregnant women, with frantic headache and irritability
Nausea early in morning; dull aching, uneasy feeling in stomach; torpor of bowels.

Nux vomica:
     Nausea, especially in the morning and after eating, may respond to this remedy—especially if the woman is irritable, impatient, and chilly. She may retch a lot and have the urge to vomit, often without success. Her stomach feels sensitive and crampy, and she may be constipated

Variable kind of nausea, with intolerance of heat or of anything greasy or fatty. The symptoms often come on in the afternoon or evening but are typically changeable.
There is an absence of thirst and in general only cold acidic drinks are acceptable. There is often a thick whitishyellow coating on the tongue, and the general mood is one of tearful passivity, often craving sympathy. She has

belches and the taste of food stays in her mouth a long time after eating them. Seeks out open air even though it makes her chilly.

 Gnawing, intermittent nausea with an empty feeling in the stomach suggests a need for this remedy. It is especially indicated for a woman who is feeling irritable, sad, worn out, and indifferent to her family. She feels worst in the morning before she eats, but is not improved by eating and may vomit afterward. Nausea can be worse when she is lying on her side. Odors of any kind may aggravate the symptoms. Food often tastes too salty. She may lose her taste for many foods, but may still crave vinegar and sour things.

This remedy can be helpful to a woman who feels a ghastly nausea with a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. She looks extremely pale, feels very cold and faint, and needs to lie very still and keep her eyes closed. If she moves at all, she may vomit violently—or break out in cold sweat and feel terrible.

It will be useful in obstinate cases of vomiting in pregnancy and when above medicines fails to act.

 Persistent vomiting of pregnancy. Adverse to all food. Nausea from motion. She may be constipated and often has serious debilitating nausea and vomiting. Bitter taste in the mouth, feels best lying on her back. Often used where there are no other indications, or when the indicated remedy fails


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