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          Homeopathy gives better results in Chronic as well as acute back aches (Vertebral disc prolapse (IVDP), Lumbago, sciatica neck pain). There are many homeopathic remedies for back ache. Patient should consult a classical homeopath to start treatment. Homeopathy considers the patient as whole just not the disease. To prescribe a remedy a homeopath need the complete history of the disease and the patient as well.
In constitutional way of treatment a single dose of homeopathic remedy will be sufficient to bring out the cure for chronic backache.

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Rhus toxicodendron
           A violent pain in the back, as if broken, is the greatest characteristic of Rhus in backache. It is more characteristic than the symptom "relief from
motion", for Rhus may be indicated where the patient is worse from motion.
 Rhus seems to be especially suitable to affections of the deeper muscles of the back. There are great pains, dull, bruised, and aching on attempting to rise, showing, thus, the aggravation on commencing motion. It is more suitable to the chronic forms of lumbago, while Aconite suits the acute forms, and will oftentimes give prompt relief.
The backache of Rhus is better from pressure, but worse in bed.
The Rhus patient likes to lie on something hard.

Natrium muriaticum
          Natrum muriaticum has this same symptoms - backache relieved by lying on something hard. The Rhus pains are relieved by bending backwards.

Ruta graveolens
 This remedy is indicated when tremendous stiffness is felt in the muscles or joints, especially after sprains or twisting injuries. The person feels lame and sore, and experiences relief from lying down.

             Sulphur has lumbar pains, with sudden loss of power to move; worse before a storm, reminding of Rhododendron. Petroleum and Ruta have pains in the back in the morning before rising. In Staphisagria these pains compel the patient to get up early and move about. This symptom is found also under Kali carbonicum; it comes on about 3 a.m. , and is accompanied by pains shooting down the buttocks.

 Ledum palustre
          Ledum has a stiffness in the back, similar to that experienced when one sits still for a long time.

Hypericum perforatum
          Hypericum has aching in small of back and stitches, and is especially useful in women who are forced to lift and strain and go up and down stairs frequently.

Bryonia alba
          Suits a lumbago of quiet type, with great aggravation on moving.
 This remedy is indicated when back pain is worse from even the slightest motion. Changing position, coughing, turning, or walking may bring on sharp, excruciating pain.

Gnaphalium polycephalum
          Gnaphalium will sometimes cure a chronic backache, a tired aching in the lumbar region that saps one's strength and ambition. Worse from continued motion, better resting, especially on the back. The more chronic the backache the better indicated the remedy.

Calcarea fluorica
          This remedy has quite a clinical reputation for curing backache, and especially the backache simulating spinal irritation. It has pain in the lower part of the back, with a fullness or burning pain. Lumbago worse on beginning to move and relieved by continued motion, or lumbago from strains, will find in Calcarea fluorica its remedy when Rhus fails. It also follows Rhus well.

Kalium phosphoricum
          Kali phosphoricum, another of the tissue remedies, has a rheumatic lameness worse after rest, and on just commencing to move; there is a paralytic tendency, worse on rising from a sitting position. Some remedies have a backache worse from sitting, notably Cobalt, Zincum, Sepia, and Cannabis Indica. Lumbago worse when first beginning to move may call for Anacardium or Conium, as well as for Rhus.
 Nux vomica
           Another remedy in backache, especially if referable to spinal affections, is Nux vomica. It is in the lumbar region, is worse at night when lying in bed, of a drawing, lacerating or bruised character, with perhaps sudden stitches in the back, and a characteristic is that the patient must sit up in bed to turn over. It has also a morning backache, and the longer the patient lies in bed the more the back aches. Backache is also worse during constipation.
 Lycopodium clavatum
 Burning as from coals between the scapulae; stiffness and pain in the small of the back corresponds to this remedy.
 Oxalicum acidum
           Oxalic acid has an acute pain in the back relieved by change of posture; back seems too weak to support the body. The pains are worse when thinking of them, accompanied by debility and numb feeling in the limbs, aching pain in lower part of back between shoulders.

Sepia officinalis
          Sepia is very frequently indicated in the backaches which are due to uterine disease. It is a general weakness in the small of the back when walking, and is worse while sitting. Sudden pain in the back, as if struck by a hammer, relieved by pressing back upon something hard.

Aesculus hippocastanum
          Aesculus is often a useful remedy in backache which, like Sepia's, is worse when walking. It is a severe, continuous, dull aching in the lumbo-sacral region, affecting the sacrum and hips, and the back "gives out" when walking. Backache during pregnancy will often be suggestive of Aesculus, when especially worse from walking or stooping.

Cimicifuga racemosa
          Cimicifuga has violent aching in the back in women, dependent on uterine complaints, especially in rheumatic subjects.

           Arnica is a remedy with a well-known reputation for its usefulness in injuries and pain to soft tissue and muscles. Pains are sore, lame and bruised with great sensitiveness to pressure. If the backache results from contusion or trauma then the affected part becomes blue and black due to the extravasation of blood.
Bellis pernis in Mother tincture form can help in acute pains as a pain reliever.

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